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H2020 "Visual History of the Holocaust" research seminar.
April 6, 2021. 16-18h CET

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H2020 "Visual History of the Holocaust" research seminar. <br> April 6, 2021. 16-18h CET

The 3rd session of the seminar will take place on 6 April from 16:00 to 18:00 CET.
Valérie Pozner (CNRS-THALIM) and Irina Tcherneva (CNRS-Eur’ORBEM) will present their speech entitled ‘Soviet Footage on Nazi Crimes and Its Textual Documentation : Identification and Research issues’

The film footage of the scars left by Nazi crimes that was created by Soviet cameramen is currently preserved at various archival sites in countries of the post-Soviet area. This corpus is singularly rich and has remained little studied until recently. This presentation aims at exploring the way in which these documents emanate from multiple operations of sorting and reshaping of filmings, even when they appear at first glance to be well identified and inventoried. The various conceptions of the visual document by Soviet professionals and institutions are at play. A pathway of footage items will be traced here, from creation to archiving, in order to identify the moments when institutional decisions and administrative practices shaped what is currently presented as primary documentation. In doing so, a convening of textual archives not only breaks down the illusion of the footage’s immediacy, but also uncovers the professional practices of the Soviet film industry during the war.

- Link to the zoom meeting :
meeting ID : 933 7911 6648
code : 613653

Originally scheduled for April 6, Ulrike Weckel’s presentation will take place on May 5, 2021. We will send you the announcement of this session.

Images  : Original caption sheet and Archival Preservation sheet. ©RGAKFD.