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Seminar "Visual History of the Holocaust"

par Astrid Mazabraud - publié le

Seminar "Visual History of the Holocaust"

26 octobre 2021 – 16:00-18:00 - ZOOM

Fabian Schmidt (Film University Babelsberg) – Alexander Zöller (Film University Babelsberg)

« Towards a Forensic Cinema »

What if the SS as the main Nazi organisation responsible for the Holocaust produced a secret film about the persecution and murder of the European Jews during World War 2 ? What are the implications of searching for this and similar films, and regarding them as highly problematic sources about the genocide ? In doing so, we challenge a set of pre-existing assumptions that revolve around the prevalence of filming during the Holocaust, and the deliberate production of evidence on the side of the perpetrators. By examining the various activities of private and official photographers and cameramen, we argue that the gaze of the perpetrators has long been part of our collective visual memory of the Holocaust, and advocate for a forensic approach to critically assess this body of film footage, both existing and lost. A tabulation which encompasses lost films, if indeed there is considerable evidence for them, is bound to upend the prevailing notion that filming during the genocide was highly exceptional and mostly carried out in the handful of instances surviving as archival material today.

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Meeting ID : 931 1707 2744
Code : 127296

Image : An SS man is riding the Berlin S-Bahn with film from a secret vault of the Reichsfilmarchiv at the Olympic Stadium, ca. 1942. Gosfilmofond, inventory No. 30752.