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Political Editorial

par Astrid Mazabraud - publié le , mis à jour le

The Political Editorial of the UMR is undertaken in cooperation with the Institut d’Etudes Slaves through a Common Edition Committee. Its task is to allow for the dissemination and appraisal of French research in the field of Slavonic studies as well as to make several foreign works available in French, including those domains of study that are considered sparse in material, assuring that the works retain a certain public presence.

Whilst the publication primarily targets a specialist readership, it also looks to attract, where possible, the “average person”, that is, the reader interested by Slavonic languages, literatures and civilizations and by their relationships to other cultures. Given that such is our remit, it follows that a major source of material for our publications is recently submitted theses in the fields of Slavonic studies. That being said, such articles are subject to a specific rewriting before their publication can be considered.

Editorial Committee

The Editorial Committee will solicit the expertise of two subject-specialists for the peer-review of submitted articles. The considerations of these experts will determine the acceptance or refusal of a manuscript on the basis of its scientific merits. The committee will give a ruling in session and will communicate its decision to the author of the manuscript. The content of the reports may be communicated, however the experts will remain anonymous. Suggestions and corrections may also be communicated to the author or contributors. Having been approved on its scientific merits, the publication will go ahead once adequate financing has been obtained. The Editorial Committee also possesses the possibility to suggest the editing of an article to make it conform to the domain of Slavonic Studies.

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