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The “Passage” Junior Research Laboratory

par Astrid Mazabraud - publié le , mis à jour le

Doctorate students of the Unit of Mixed Research are brought together in a junior research laboratory with the aim of facilitating the exchange of knowledge and experience,
The Junior Laboratory of the Unit of Mixed Research of the Eur’ORBEM was established on the 16th May 2014 during the General Assembly of the Centre.
The Junior Laboratory, which currently houses 17 doctorate students, was conceived as a transverse, multidisciplinary and friendly work space, whose objectives are the following :

  • Mutual help with research and the writing of theses.
  • The sharing of knowledge and research methodology through weekly or bi-weekly seminars.
  • Peer-reviewed input via an online research journal.
  • The organisation and realisation of a doctoral study-day in 2015.

An integral part of the Eur’ORBEM UMR, the ‘Passage’ Junior Laboratory unites doctorate students of various geographical and cultural specialties, from Central Europe to Russia, and too the Balkans. Given that it brings together specialists in literature, civilizations and history, the laboratory is undoubtedly interdisciplinary. With the intention of finding a common point between the doctorate members of Passage, an initial shared motif has been proposed : translation, in both the literal and figurative senses of the word. In our work with the Franch-language corpus, the notion of translation is commonly confronted, and it is a practice that is deeply linked to our approach, which looks to bring hitherto unknown authors and texts to the attention of the French public. Beyond this, we deal with the term in a larger sense, continually passing from one language to another, one culture to another, one space to another, by the approaches taken or the methodology used.

The next meeting of the Junior Laboratory is scheduled for the beginning of 2014.


Members of the office :

The office is in charge of organising the life of the junior laboratory, of putting in place the necessary logistical conditions for the successful realisation of meetings, of assuring the visibility of the work of the laboratory, an of establishing external links, particularly with a view to organise scientific gatherings.

- Natalia Chumarova
- Akvile Grigoraviciute
- Daria Sinichkina

Two deputies :

- Jean Boutan
- Sarah Gruszka

Laboratory delegates :

The laboratory delegates have the responsibility of representing the laboratory at the UMR counsel, of making the UMR aware of the research projects and scientific events of carried out by the laboratory and of maintaining its visibility. The delegates report all relevant counsel decisions to the laboratory.

- Claire Delaunay
- Jean Boutan